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Wessex Gardens Primary & Nursery School

Wessex Gardens Primary & Nursery School


School Governing Body

The Governing Body are the strategic leaders of our school and have a vital role to play in making sure that every child gets the best possible education. The Governing Body has a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

In doing so, the Governing Body undertake the following key activities:

  • Understand our school
  • Set our school’s strategic direction
  • Commission action
  • Performance manage our school leaders
  • Check if we are fit for purpose

The Governing Body reconstituted in 2016 and there are now fourteen voting governors and two non voting associate governors:

  • Two staff governors comprising the headteacher and one governor elected by the staff.
  • Two parent governors elected by the parents.
  • One local authority governor proposed by the local authority and appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Nine co-opted governors who are appointed by the other governors based on their experience and contribution
  • Two associate (non voting) governors
Wessex Gardens Primary School Governing Body
LA GOVERNOR                         Re - elect date                                       Business Interest/s
Mrs Jill Summers                        28/November/2020                                   None

STAFF GOVERNORS                         
Mr Alexander Banks
Ms Ruth Charteris                       24/March/2019                                           None
CO-OPTED GOVERNORS                       

Mr Franklin Dannenberg          10/July/2020                                               None
Mr Ken Solomons                        17/July/2021                                                None            
Dr V Gearson                                 28/November/2020                                None
Ms Helen Ruthven                       31/August/2019                                         None
Mr Mumin Humayaun               24/September/2019                                None
Vice Chair / Child Protection and Safeguarding

Ms Sue Kayser                              28/November/2020                                 None
Dr Hadassah Ryde                      28/November/2020                                 None
 2 x vacancies

PARENT GOVERNORS                             
Ms Dariya Glazer                          22/November/2020                                 None
Mr Charles Dumenya                  13/November/2021                                  None

Ms Valerie Crosdale                     10/July/2020                                               None

Gorana Henry                               16/July/2022                                                  None

Saru Balakrishnan
Governance Services
Haringey Council
River Park House, 3rd Floor
London N22 8HQ
Telephone:     020 8489 5030

The formal business of the governors, such as approving budgets and agreeing polices, takes place at its termly full Governing Body meeting, but most of the work of the governing body is done through day-to-day interaction with the school, and in its four committees.

  • the Wellbeing and Community Committee focuses on the areas of safeguarding and pastoral care of the children.
  • the Standards and Attainment Committee oversees the teaching and learning within the school, monitoring the levels of attainment and achievement by the children.
  • the Finance and Premises Committee ensures that the school's funds are being properly used, and that the building and grounds are attractive and well maintained.
  • the Staffing Committee oversees the staff structure and performance


Name of Governor 27th March 2018 16th July 2018 26th November 2018
Jill Summers Present Present Present
Mumin Humayaun Present Present Present
Alexander Banks Present Present Present
Ruth Charteris Present Present Present
Helen Ruthven Present Present Apologies
Franklin Dannenberg Apologies Present Apologies
Sue Kayser Present Apologies Present
Hadassah Ryde Present Present Present
Vanessa Gearson Apologies Present Present
Ken Solomons Present Present Present
Dariya Glazer Apologies Present Present
Charles Dumenya Present Apologies Present
Valerie Crosdale Present Present Present
Gorana Henry N/A Present Apologies